Playing core via BNC to NDS

Today I connected Core to NDS via the BNC digital input. Ripped a couple of albums to listen to. Using the uPnP I can listen to the tracks but I assume that signal is flowing thru the network. When I select digital 1 it states it is not connected. Does anyone know how to ensure the music is going thru the BNC cable?

Are you using a 75 ohm BNC-BNC cable? Any adaptors?

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On the NDS is digital 1 (BNC) enabled? Sounds like it before you’re saying “not connected”….

Settings - Inputs… if it says “Digital 1-Disabled” needs enabled

Also on the handset key you’re selecting is digital 1 activated?

Settings - handset keys - (key)
Shows inputs which will be selected

Is your NDS saying “no signal” when digital 1 activated?

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the digital output from the core will only be active if you are actually connected to the core via the app when you hit play and hence “push” the data towards the NDS, and of course the NDS needs to be on the correct input to receive it. If you are connected to the NDS when you hit play it will pull it over the network, the NDS cant “pull” it over the BNC connection, as there is no control path over SPDIFF,

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Also if you are using the direct connection from the Core to the NDS, then you must control the music from the Core home page in the Naim app, not the NDS page.


Yes, digital 1 is activated and it is stating digital 1 no signal.

When I select the Core in the app it has a favourites folder only but there is nowhere showing the albums which I have ripped. The only way I see the albums is via NDS app via uPnP. Therefore Im not able to push it to the NDS.

I’ve updated the firmware and done a full reset which now allows me to see the ripped CDs. Confirmed again digital 1 is enabled. Still states no signal. I removed and resinstalled the BNC cable. Still states no signal.

Just to check, here is the opening page of the app on my ipad

My core is renamed “Library”, and you can see that i have an album playing from the image

If i click on library it takes me to the main screen for the core

if i click on Albums, and then click on an album, i get to this:

and i can click on the play arrow to start playback on the core

and if i click at the bottom of the screen it expands to get the playback queue

So do you get the same responses with what you are doing?

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In my setup the coax output from the core goes to my Marantz SA-12SE to use the Maranz DAC as an alternative to the DAC built into my NAC-272

You can see the Marantz is displaying that it is seeing the PCM 44.1k/16 stream on its coax input.


Yes I get the same responses now. It shows it is playing but no signal reported

Your profile suggests you also own a uniqute2, could I suggest that as a test, you temporarily move it adjacent to your core and connect the coaxe out of the core into the Q2 and see it that works?

That is a great idea. Thank you.

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