Playing Superuniti at volume

I have speakers that are rather difficult to drive and often have to turn the volume to 50. I wanted to know if there is an average and if by pushing the amp even around 60 -70 there is no risk of damaging the amp?
Thank you for your answers.


What speakers do you have? I doubt you’re damaging the amp but it sounds like it would be better if you had speakers that were easier to drive.

Lebreiz, which speakers are you driving?

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diy speakers
bass seas w21001 and tweeters dynaudio t330
about 89Db

89dB would indicate that they’re pretty efficient. Of course, the impedance may not be so benign. Hard to say with the unknown here.

What speaker cabling are you using and how long per channel?

They are 8 ohms with audioquest rockfeller

OK thanks. The Audioquest cables I don’t know - I’m trying to find info on construction and things like inductance and capacitance to see whether they are suitable or maybe causing problems. Are they single wire or bi-wire?


I’m having great difficulty finding any meaningful specification for this cable - not even from Audioquest’s own literature. However, I do see the construction and they describe it as “Hyperlitz” which leads me to suspect that it’s probably far from ideal for use with a Naim amp. I may be wrong though, but would have to defer to someone with greater experience and perhaps some specs for the cables.

thank you all the same for the info

How long? I’m reading that they are similar to Rocket 88, and those have “double star-quad” geometry, which means high capacitance. NACA5 has 16 pF capacitance per meter, a star-quad cable typically seems to have 10 times that:

Inductance is the bigger issue, but I found no info on that for the AQ cable. In any case it’s not exactly what Naim recommends.

As for the volume, if the amp does not get overly hot and as long you don’t hear distortion from amp or speakers, it should not do damage

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