Playlist for "What are you listening to in 2020 and WHY might anyone be interested?"

@Richard.Dane’s “What are you listening to…” thread has introduced me to some great music - is it possible to create a playlist that people from here can add their suggestions to on Tidal so that it’s easy to get the suggestions of the community into ears more effectively?

I know I can add them individually, but having a playlist curated by this community that I can play from most recently-added first would be a real benefit…

No idea I’m afraid centric - that’s rather outside my area of expertise.

I’m sure though that the community can contribute to some kind of “Naim forum recommends” playlist just by posting suggestions here.

Any chance you can give us an idea of what music you like by naming some artists as I am sure the members will give you plenty of suggestions.

now that would be cheating :slight_smile:

I think my point is that in reading this, I’ve been exposed to music I wouldn’t normally come across as it’s outside my orbit - so it’s almost things that are unlike what I currently like…

If find recommender systems, esp. Roon radio, pretty good for discovering things close to my current tastes, but it’s the surprise of the new. And whilst I am currently happy putting stuff into a list manually, it would be nice to click on the ‘Naim community’ playlist each morning and hear what’s in store… (bit like the 'What HiFi lists)

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