Playlist issues with Uniti Star's new Firmware


First i would like to apologize for my English (i’m french), i haven’t write any message since a long time.
Since i upgraded my Uniti Star with the latest Firmware, i have issues with playlists larger than 200 tracks. When i play the playlist, the tracks are correctly added to the queue but when i try to select one track it switch to another and only the 20-30 first songs can be played. It even led the unit to become unresponsive a couple of times and i had to reboot.

Same issue whether the playlist is on the usb hard drive or Qobuz.

It only happens on playlists, no problems whatsoever with individual tracks or albums…

To bypass this problem i use the qobuz app on my android phone to cast it to the star and it works fine but i would like to know if someone had a similar problem and maybe a solution ?

Thank you.

I think to remember that the playlist number tracks capacity is between 200 and 250.
@Naim.Marketing should be able to clarify.

It was definitively 499 max before the firmware update, i was using those playlist on a daily basis so i’m pretty sure about it.

And i don’t know if i’m the only one, but i would love to see this 499 limit disappear in futur updates :wink: @Naim.Marketing

All noted! Trying to look into this one.

It is worth noting, however, that research from Spotify found this as average for playlists:

New Music Playlists: 15-50 songs or up to 2hrs
Best Ofs: 30-75 songs or 2-4hrs
Mood Playlists: 75+ songs or 4hrs+

So a playlist of several hundred tracks is definitely far from the norm.

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Yes i Know, i’m far from the norm about this particular point but if unlocking this is not to much trouble for the software and/or device, i would definitely be happier with my Uniti Star :slight_smile:

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