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Having just migrated to the Naim app from Cambridge Audio’s StreamMagic app, one minor irritation is that when I ‘shuffle’ a Qobuz playlist, the displayed track order remains unchanged - it simply jumps back & forth - thus I have no idea of what’s up next. In the StreamMagic app, shuffling a playlist also changed the track order (though this was using Tidal, my CXN V1 didn’t support Qobuz natively). Is this an app limitation, a Qobuz thing, or have I missed a setting somewhere?

quobuz own app displays the shuffled order so i guess naim could do this - it would be a great improvement

I know that on my system using the Naim app, if I do a random selection it loads 500 tracks. I then shuffle them and the highlighted track selection flits about. If I stop the shuffle element, it then plays the tracks in the order shown on the screen, so…do you have shuffle on as well? Or maybe that isn’t the issue you have.

I can’t quite get my head around what you’re doing… For me, I have several playlists that I like to listen to. Previously, on the StreamMagic app (using Tidal Connect), when I selected ‘shuffle’ for the playlist the track order changed to reflect this (the Tidal default is to display in order of being added to the list - oldest first, most recent last). AFAIK, Qobuz don’t have an equivalent to Tidal Connect (certainly, when I use the Qobuz app it seems to want to use Airplay to connect - am I wrong here?), so when I select a Qobuz playlist on the Naim app and ‘shuffle’ it, the track list doesn’t alter - it just skips around when playing…

I don’t use any streaming service, just the Naim app and my NAS with Asset on, so I suspect it something more particular to Tidal/Qobuz, plus I don’t use playlists.

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