Playlist Uniti core

Hello everything body,
I have an home demo for a Uniti core, i m trying to make somme playlist, but I can figure it out.
Can somebody help?

You have to write them manually on a paper with a cd format then put it in the Core slot. It will swallow it and your playlist will appear on the app. Very simple.

When you play music stored in the Core you will see three dots in the app press on these and you will see an option to add a new playlist.
You can then give the playlist a name of your choosing.

Some rip of CD was already on the server, I m not able to do a playlist. It Always give me the same playlist that was already there?

Thank you, yes it worked With the 3 dots!

Don’t listen to me, it was a joke. You have to open the Focal /Naim app first. Then see the three dots.

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