I love Naim Jazz and Naim Classical but I don’t know what i am listening to. Where can i find out?


Hi, it’s displayed in the Naim app. Assuming you are using that?
If not, then I suppose you can just use Shazam.

When i try to open the naim app it asks for rooms- but I don’t have any component running the app

The Naim app will need a Naim streamer of some sort. What are you using to listen to the Naim radio, the Zen Stream? That seems to have an app too, can’t it show the info?

But as robert_h wrote, you can probably simply use Shazam, it’s s phone app and will find most music by listening to it for a few seconds

If you don’t own any Naim components, then the Naim app is useless to you.
Do you own any of these or an older Naim uniti?
If not, then Shazam should be able to recognise the songs for you.

I am listening to Naim Classical and Jazz via Volumio, and like it a great deal. But I wish there was a way to see the info somewhere. Every other type of streaming “radio” I listen to (plenty) all list title/artist info. Even if not possible on the stream it would be nice if Naim posted the playlist daily on a site somewhere. That way one could at least look it up. Thank you. The programming is one of the best out there. And it sounds great.

The metadata must be in the streams as Roon shows it; I guess you just need a compatible player.

I’m pretty sure the playlist is random and not being curated by anyone.

Isn’t it shown on the website? If I’m listening to Radio Paradise I often have the website open so that I can look at details of the tracks.

Thanks. Then it must be a Volumio issue if Roon shows it. I will see if Volumio has an answer. As far as the website, I don’t see any place where it might be. But if there’s a link that would be fine.

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