Playlists from USB-sourced music library

Hi all,

I usually use Minim server on a QNAP NAS to feed my Uniti Nova. However, I just connected a full half terabyte copy of my music library on an SSD to the rear USB port and am surprised how quickly it indexes and responsive it is. I’ll probably stick with this going forward; it’s a much more energy efficient way of feeding music to the Nova.

My one wish is playlists. I can’t see if there’s a way I can construct playlists using this setup. Anyone know if it’s possible?


Hi, you can create playlists on the Naim app, in which case they are stored on the device that runs the app, rather than on the server. They will be visible on the app home screen.

I don’t appear to have any option to do that? On both my iPad and iPhone apps there’s no option to star music or add to a playlist that I can see…?

Can you see a … icon next to each track. Tap on that, and you should see playlist options.

Just open booklet… is that a bug?

Looks like you’re using the USB input, which I don’t think supports playlists. Go to the input settings and enable ‘server mode’ and you should see the contents of the USB drive in the Server input. Then I’m pretty sure you should then see the playlist options. You may also find that you get better browsing options than you have in the USB input.

Server mode is selected as active in the Other Settings menu. Hmmm…?

I’m not at home right now, so I can’t check on the app, but this should work.
If you browse to a track in the server input, do you see the playlist options there? As opposed to in the play queue once you have selected the track, as shown in your screenshot.

unfortunately not…

That’s odd, as the … icon is not even showing next to the tracks, where it should give you options to add the track to the queue, etc. as well as to playlists. Maybe worth getting in touch with Naim support.

I wonder if the server doesn’t like the .m4a ALAC files for some reason. Do you have any FLAC or WAV files you can try?

Same with AIFF & FLAC and normal AAC/MP3

A Naim support issue then?

Yes, if you are viewing the files through the Server input, not the USB input, then there is something odd going on.

When you say through server input, I’m not 100% sure I follow. I access it from the USB input and the server radio button is selected in settings. Is that what you mean?

You need to go to the Server input, which is the same input you would have used to view your music on the NAS via Minimserver. Alongside Minimserver, you should see Local Music, which is what you need.

Ah ha… great I’ll try that when I’m back home. Thank you

Yep - works a treat. I just didn’t notice local files was an option under the server setting. Works quite a bit better than streaming from a NAS; much faster loading etc - wish I’d found this solution sooner.

Thanks again ChrisSU

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Glad you got there in the end! Naim don’t say much about the server they have built into the new streamers, but I think it’s a good feature.

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While I’m here: does anyone have experience of the Naim App serving up incorrect album artwork. See pic. I use the normal folder.jpg convention and most of my music files will have the artwork imbedded too.

Interestingly it’s only the app that gets it incorrect. The wrong one briefly appears on the Nova unit itself but then rapidly changes to the correct one… odd.

That’s definitely a bit odd! Presumably these are albums you previously had on your NAS? My first thought was that you might have edited the artwork yourself, and the previous incorrect artwork was sometimes still being read by the server, but looking at your screenshot, it’s obvious that it’s getting things completely wrong. Perhaps something has gone wrong with the indexing when the USB drive was first read.
A couple of things to try:
Clear image cache in the app settings.
Clear UPnP cache.
Then restart the streamer and see if it’s correct. Otherwise, I would certainly get in touch with Naim support.