Please help me fix my beats earphones

My wife’s exercise power beats headphones are still working well, but in imminent danger from a fraying lead connection. The lead is a small flat tape style, roughly 3.5mm wide and 1mm thick. A very small shrink sleeve was my thought, but no way to slide that on to the tape as the ear phone assemblies are captive at each end. Insulation tape would work, but be a bit clunky unless it’s a very fine type (is there such a product?). Anyone got any better ideas?

Glue lined heat shrink, cut on the diagonal, wrap it where it needs to go and heat it. Hopefully the fact that it’s glue lined means it stays in place and kind of seals itself back together.


Thanks Robert, that’s helpful. I didn’t realise there was a glue lined version. I’ve ordered some for delivery tomorrow. Fingers crossed it does the trick!

I’ve also not heard of glue lines, which sounds like a good idea. I personally tend to just use hot glue for things like this.

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I bought a few packs of Sugru a few years ago but must confess I’ve not used them yet so can’t say how well it works - a sort of mouldable glue putty:


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