Please help - new to setup Asset to my Synogy DS218j

Hi everyone on this awesome Naim community. I was part of this Naim community a few years ago when I first had my 200/202/Harbeth C7 system, then I got busy with life and kids. Now, I have NDX1, SN2 and AudioVector SR3. I just purchased a new Synogy DS218j NAS, and dowloaded the Asset UPnP 30 days trials. I first try to setup in my laptop to see how to configure and I was Not able to do it properly (I am not very computer savvy).

I did search within this Streaming section & Youtube and No Exact instruction. Would somebody please provide some key steps or link to the “how to setup in Windows 10” laptop, so I can test it first. As well as how to do it on my Synogy. As well, for the NDX1, do I have to do anything special within its setup?

Thanks in advance.

@Mike-B might be your man.

Thanks AndyP. This is my 1st post in this new Format. How do you Private Message Mike-B? I tried to look and cannot figure it out? Pls advise. Cheers.

Have you got Asset installed on your Synology? What stage are you at?


If it’s anything like Minimserver you manually install it onto the Synology. You do this by opening the Diskstation interface on your computer web browser, select Package Center and then click the Manual Install button in the top right corner. Select the Asset installation file and click Next.
Don’t Asset provide any instructions?
This link might be helpful:
After installation your NDX should detect the Asset server. Apart from downloading and access for installation, the computer has little to do with it. There is a Synology program called Audio Station which is useful for making playlists etc, although it’s a bit clunky. However, I am generally talking about Minimserver!

There is no private message option on the forum but if use @ followed by the person’s user name then it will alert them. I did that in my reply last night so hopefully the bump will have kick started some helpful responses. Good luck.

Hi @SN1NDX1Audiovector,
There is nothing different or difficult about Asset, it’s remarkably easy & intuitive.
And Asset (www.dBpoweramp, Illustrate) has all the instructions you need (no need for uTubes)

It installs on the NAS (not Win-10 PC)
Go to dBpoweramp Asset UPnP (www dot & download the Asset package for Synology (it ends .spk) to you PC’s ‘Downloads’ file.
Open the Synology ‘Package Center’ > ‘Installed’ & touch (open) the ‘Manual Install’ button
In the Synology install screen ‘Browse’ to your PC’s Downloads file where the Asset.spk file will be, Open>Next>Install & it will load to the Synology.
Open your Naim app of whatever iOS or Android control point you have, touch the ‘UPnP’ home screen icon & you will see the Asset UPnP icon, touch that & off you go.

There are various configuration editing things you can to play with (if you want), but lets get step one (above) done first & get the music playing.

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Thank You Mike-B and AndyP and others for the input.

Mike-B, I did find your instruction from searching through and managed to install Asset into my Synogy and it is “Running”; however, when I plug my ethernet cable from my Synogy to my NDX, and load the my Naim App, then, click the “uPnP” it is “EMPTY” & No detection of the Synogy or Asset. I did ask my other friend who is more computer savvy, and he told me I cannot plug the ethernet cable directly to the NDX, I need a switch. He told me to use my home Wifi Router (I have Asus AC2900), as the switch. I was about to try it today but my area is having technical issue with the Internet Service Provider. Hope they can repair the service by tonight. I have screen capture what I have install so far to show you if my status is OK. Unless you can provide more guidance. Much appreciate your help.

Hi again, you seem to be on the right track, although I don’t use Audio Station, Cloud or Download Station.
Yes indeed your friend is right, not so much needing a switch although it is absolutely needed, but a wifi connection for the iOS or Android phone/tablet control point.
… what control point are you using, thats where uou will see the Asset browse menu that you show as missing - “cannot see this type of folder”
In the simplest form the NAS is connected to the NDX via the switch/WiFi.
I choose to use a switch, 2 reasons, when I first started ISP hubs where not good switches, although these days the modern ones re OK - that sad I believe my Cisco switch does sound better than the BT hubs switch function. But using a switch means I only have one ethernet cable from the BT hub to the switch & as thats visible in the room, one wire is a lot tidier than a bunch of them.
These are the relevant ethernet & wireless connection diagrams
Ethernet Basic
Ethernet Basic with Switch

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If your router has two sockets you can plug both the NDX and nas into it. It doesn’t need an internet connection to stream music. You can then add a switch at your leisure. Turn both the Synology and NDX off first, to enable the router to allocated IP addresses. You will of course need working internet when to rip CDs, so that the ripping software can find the metadata online.

Just plug the Synology NAS and streamer into your Asus router and then restart both to ensure they get an IP address from the router. You don’t need working Internet service from your ISP for your own internal network to function. If everything is set to default the Naim app will detect the running Asset server on your Synology.

@Mike-B and @AndyP and @hungryhalibut and @Adrian_P and all the good folks that contribute to this awesome forum. YES… I am in heaven now. It WORKS. The issue that screwed me UP was the “switch”. All good now. Now I can enjoy the Naim’s awesome NDX and SN2 with a Real Feed of NAS and Asset. Thanks guys. Ya the best.
Just wanna show my modest Naim system - from the 202/200 to NDX/SN2 - over 10 years now.


Great, you’re up & running.
If you haven’t picked it up yet from the Asset www manual, there is a configuration facility to fine tune what you see & how you see it. Additionally at the bottom of the page is a browse tree edit facility.
Its been a while since I had the limited trail version, so not sure what you can change, but its all there with the full (licence) version.

To get this you need to add a number to your NAS IP address in the URL line followed by :45537/
… it looks like this (numbers changed to ‘X’) in my URL line 192.XXX.1.XXX:45537/
I save it as a book mark in Google Chrome (same in MS Edge)
This enables all your configuration editing to be done on your laptop (PC or Mac)
Its up to you how you set your own preferences, so its play time, if you get in a mess the config screen has a revert to defaults facility

I like mine a bit simpler than the factory default, this is my iPad screen

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@Mike-B Thanks again Mike. Will take it from here… considered this closed. Cheers.

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