Plex mistake not sure how I fix it

I’m currently using plex on its own using my pc to stream my music. I imported a load of albums I have on an external hard drive. Just listened to one of the cds and it’s straight up swapped two of the tracks (I’m really relieved it just swapped them I couldn’t imagine trying to find each one if it was between multiple). The cd is right on my hard drive I checked it via windows media player. I’m not sure how to fix it? Also any tips/help regarding plex would be great I used qobuz before this and have no clue what I’m doing. I’m just grateful the nd5xs2 saw the server with no effort on my part :joy:.

I would probably use “mp3tag” (free I believe on a PC) to check the metadata on the tracks in that album

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Possibly not the advice you want but… stop using Plex for music.

I say this as a huge Plex fan and have used it for about 10 years on a NAS to stream my collection of over 1000 DVDs and BR movie rips in native video and audio formats. But any attempt to use it with audio has been a disaster. So on my NAS, I have Plex running and linked to my video folders and Asset and Minimserver running linked to my audio folders. As far as I’m concerned, using Plex for audio is a waste of time.

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Similar here, Serviio on the NAS for video but Asset for music. Asset and Minimserver are designed for music unlike Plex and other all purpose media servers which don’t handle music files well. Asset is a one off payment of about £35 and worth every penny IMHO


I’m totally not afraid to switch especially glad to see a free trial I really am new to all this. I think I misunderstood stuff written in some forum posts because people said they ran asset on plex I assumed asset was an add on for plex :joy: . It has been a good opportunity to test for free. There is also something called plex amp? I don’t know if anyone has tried that but I may compare it to asset.

Edit: also stupid question does plex have a storage folder if it’s own on my pc or is it just pulling stuff from the external hard drive folder?

Never heard of plexamp previously but it looks like a music player rather than a UPnP server so completely different functionality.
As for storage, all Plex does is index media files in whatever locations you tell it to, files can be anywhere you like.

Ok I just downloaded asset and I can see why you guys like it. But there was definitely something weird with those tracks I mentioned on asset server via naim app when I clicked the first song the title briefly flickered between it and the title of the song plex swapped it for before playing the right song with right info. I have now deleted the music off my plex server. Asset is working great and lets me do what I want so I’ll probably be purchasing it. Thanks for the help!


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