Plex playing apps dont see my Qb2 via Chromecast

I’ve been using my Qb2 via airplay and chromecast streaming from multiple devices and apps with pretty much 100% success so far, but totally failed with Plex.

I set up Plex server on my NAS. music plays on iphone and android phone apps, and to web player on laptops etc on the local network. But, I struggle to cast from the android Plex app - it doesnt offer the Qb2 as an output device! It can see my other chromecast audio (the google hockeypuck thing) only…

Strangely, other apps on the same phone DO see the Qb2 as a chromecast output. VLC on laptops see both Qb2 and my chromecast audio device.

Any suggestions?

Have you enabled DNLA server within PLEX settings? By default it is off.

PLEX doesn’t work very well with naim streamers, so in the naim app you may have to select ‘compatibility’ mode under UPNP input setting for it play. This will make it very slow to load your music library.

Hi nitrous, thanks for replying. No, I dont activate DNLA in Plex as its not as good as minimserver. The Plex DNLA doesnt allow searching for songs/albums etc, its just a browseable list. What is your experience with Plex? Any other tips?

The reason I wanted to use plex was that its library management was so useful - fixing duplicated artists in the data (gremlins in the metadata of my music) and grabbing missing album art etc.

I’m going to raise a support request with NAIM about this as Plex via chromecast is specifically listed on their Qb2 release page:
" Chromecast built-in - Google’s streaming service allows you to seamlessly link to 100s of supported apps, including Deezer, Qobuz, Plex, TuneIn, SoundCloud and Pandora."

Hi Chrisonnaim, firstly I’m no expert, plus I’m using the old Naim streaming platform (272) so things may be different with your Qb2. But I can search and find artists and albums using the filter in the Naim app which is connected to Plex Via upnp and to do this you need to activate the dlna server in Plex. So I’m not sure how you are using Plex in your set up. would it matter if you had both Plex and Minimserver running at the same time?

I will be interested to hear what Naim say about Plex, as it is a shame it doesn’t work better with the Naim app. Plex seems to be quite common for home entertainment and you would think it would be worth the effort to ensure compatibility.

I had issues with ChromeCast on my Atom when I got it. It failed to register probably with Google when the Atom was being configured and it needed support to contact Google to release the license again and then it worked. Might be the same issue. Or try a factory reset and go through the setup again.

Funny Plex does not see my Atom either. I think this maybe because its an audio device and not Chromecast video. It doesn’t see my Chromecast audio either so this is a Plex issue not a Naim issue I think as it sees all my Chromecast video players such aon TV and Nvidia Shield Box.

re: nitrous: No expert here either, just blundering around and taking a long time to test and troubleshoot things.

I’m not using Plex inside the Naim app, which I only use for firing up internet radio. Airplay and Chromecasting happens totally from whatever phone / ipad etc running the app. The iOS Plex can do chromecast and airplay, but the Qb2 only shows up as an option for airplay. The android Plex app can only chromecast and the Qb2 isnt visible at all.

I’ve actually got two UPnP servers running on my NAS, and the Naim app can pick one to browse. Filtering does work to find things, but is very clunky: you have to already be in the album folder to filter/search for an album by name. I use “Hi-Fi Cast” app on android with the UPnP which works much better for searching and browsing (and works for casting).

I was hoping Plex would be the best way to “serve” the music round the house, as mentioned before because it fills in missing artwork and is smart enough to spot duplicated artists in the metadata (which are offered as two separate artists with UPnP).

re: CrystalGipsy

I went back to the google home app and the Qb certainly shows up with a different icon to the chromecast audio. I was just looking at the app while writing this reply and saw a “set up Qb2” text link at the top of the Home app, even though it was already visible. Clicking that link went through the setup process again (which I did a few months ago) and lo and behold, now the Qb2 shows up as a speaker in plex!!

I’m hoping this keeps working, I didnt do anything differently to last time. I’ll keep the HiFi Cast app around as a backup, but looks like I can commit to using Plex now (and either buy the app or pay for the plex premium)…

I’ve been using Airplay for many many years for wireless music, ever since the first gen Airport Express. That works great, but only if you are on macOS / iOS. I was really hoping chromecast would be as good - so far its caused more issues but the sound is great which is what matters in the end (while it works!)

I cant buy Naim devices for everywhere in the house, so will always be stuck using a mix of speaker/streamer vendors. I need airplay/chromecast to tie them all together.

That’s good I wonder why mine won’t see my Atom or ChromeCast Audio. Odd. One think is you might not get gapless via Chromecast, not all apps manage it even though it’s perfectly capable of it as Roon does.

Ok my tablet sees them all my phone doesn’t . Very odd. Needs more investigation.

And fixed. Uninstalled it and added it back now it sees them. Odd but it now works.

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