Plixir power supply for EE8

Hi all, after some advice……

I have a Plixir 5volt 2 amp power supply that was being used for an Adot solution. Does anyone know if this could power an EE8 switch?


For clarity it’s either or not powering both concurrently

Hi Gary, yes I don’t see why not. It’s right voltage and current so should be fine

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I have the EE8 with it’s own SMPS supply.

I don’t see any issues using the Plixir (I have one powering my Melco). The specs for the EE8 say 5V 1 amp so the Plixir should be absolutley fine in electrical matching terms.

However Chord do say that no LPS could be found that was fast enough.

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As others mention, Voltage / Current capability is fine. You’ll need a different DC cable though. The ADOT requires a 5.5 / 2.5 plug whereas the EE8 will need a 5.5 / 2.1 version.


I am currently testning the Plixir with my EE8. On some music/recordings very seductive, on other music the switched power supply is better…

The Plixir 5V 2A would be absolutely fine. I would not not leave any SMPS anywhere near my HiFi if at all possible, even the overrated ones, just in case.

Of those more affordable (say lower priced than the EE itself), I would highly recommend the one from MCRU, was very pleasantly surprised.

Thanks all, super helpful.

Many thanks


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