PMC 25.2x Actives vs Passives

PMC just announced active modules for both i and non i 25.21/22/23/24. Separate 100W mono-amps for each driver.

Do you think they would be better driven than with a 300DR? Having heard my 25.23 at the end of 300W amps with massive current capabilities, I feel 300DR is just a starting point.

Thanks for your input.

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ATC have same approach and some prefer actives and some passives - in my room Active ATC’s were better but think the room plays a big part.



Thanks for posting this, as it’s the first I’ve heard of it. Having read up online it seems that there is an upgrade kit for £1,795 that dealers or owners can install themselves. So there is no need to buy a new pair of speakers. As ever the proof of the pudding is in the listening, and it would be interesting to compare my Nova/twenty5.21i with Atom HE/21i active.




Quite a few active options, mirroring ATC’s approach.

PMC Twenty5.21i Active – £3975

PMC Twenty5.22i Active – £5275

PMC Twenty5.23i Active – £5975

PMC Twenty5.24i Active – £7975

Active Twenty5i upgrade – £1795

And if you buy the new active versions, ( c/w active modules already included ) the difference is just GBP £ 1400 compared to the passive versions, but GBP £ 1795, for the separate upgrade kit


The white finish, which I have, seems no longer available in passive or active versions.


…. And so it begins! :joy:

Actually quite liked the white :disappointed_relieved:



These loudspeakers build upon PMC’s world-class design pedigree, combining the finest drivers available with the unique ATLTM (Advanced Transmission Line) bass-loadingprinciple, sophisticated Class-D amplification and a pure analogue active crossover.

PMC’s unique ATLTM technology uses contemporary materials to provide optimised absorption of unwanted mid-range energy within the cabinet, while extending bass output significantly with negligible harmonic distortion.

The electronics built into each cabinet provide two channels of ultra-low distortion Class-D power amplification, with a pure analogue 24dB-per-octave crossover providing perfect driver optimisation and integration. A transparent protection system is also included.

if I understood specs on the PMC web, they are D class amps?
where did you get(read) the price?

Surely £1795 amplifier modules can’t compete with the NAP300DR.



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Compete, yes. Match or beat? Unknown as yet, though Naim would hope not! But it is also a matter of what is compared: bi- or tri-amped active speakers with these amps might sound better than passive with one 300. On the other hand the result if compared with active bi- or tri- amping using 2 or 3 300s might be very different.

I meant for you! No, my path is clear…

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Looking forward to hearing the results of your shoot out! :crazy_face:

This price is apsurd and very unapologetical from PMC…
Then, better separates, again :frowning:

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I’ve been searching on here and on line and can’t find a clear answer on whether the streamer and preamp in an Atom HE is as good as that in a Nova. I’ll probably call Naim and ask for their view. But of course, having a PMC power amp, active or not, is going to change the sound.

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so what is your personal projection?

Do you mean absurdly low, given that on top of the passive version’s £4575 or thereabouts it includes a 2 channel power amp channels and an active crossover?

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I’m not following Neil, sorry.