PMC FB1i pairing with Nova and placement

I was thinking of pairing a pair of PMC FB1i speakers i currently own with the Unity Nova. Would it be able to drive these speakers to their potential? These are rated 300W rms and a PMC rep told me an amp in the range of 50-150W was usually recommended.

I’m using this 2 channel setup for piping in Audio from TV as well in a shared living/dining/TV room that is 6.8mx3.5m (see floorplan).

I do my entertaining in the shared living/dining/TV room and also at times in the adjoining balcony with music playing in the background. Any advice on speaker placement positions and the PMC FB1i/Nova combination would be much appreciated.

I have driven PMC FB1 in a similar sized room , I was using 200/202 .

I wouldn’t anticipate problems , suspect it isn’t a common combo as the FB1 goes back to at least 2002 .

Yes, my FB1i go back all the way to 2011 when I paired them with Cyrus amps and always found that pairing too lean for my liking. I’ve always dreamt of owning a Naim and I’m hoping this combination would be better. I would like to “get things right” this round, therefore looking to shell out the extra money to get the Nova over the Atom to ensure these speakers are driven to their potential.

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I would hesitate to use the Atom, for me it would be SN3, Nova, Star or 200/202 or Atom /200

I found a good home for my FB1 - I had them for sixteen years , reckoned I had good value from them just wanted to go somewhere where they would be appreciated

Next speakers were complete opposite , Harbeth P3ESR. Much more room friendly in size , what I lost in bass and oomph I gained in delicacy .

Wouldn’t be agonised over placement as they are not rear-ported

Thank you for your advice. Much appreciated!

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