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Hi all … I assume 334578 you mean 3m??? I found my speakers took around 200+ hours to run in. All these speakers are so incredibly - responsive - to amplifier and source. I use the PMC20.21 on the end of a 500 system in a small studio … and they sing - really … big sound stage - and great clarity in the mid. My brother is lucky he has a large room … and uses the 20.26 those are also amazing. I use mine with a Velodyne sub and it mates with the 21’s seamlessly…I have not tried the 25.21 … I am bit nervous about introducing more bass power and overwhelming the room … the 21’s seem just right. I still have not tried omitting the links will report back soon.

3cm toe in … or corner forward as referred to. They definitely are NOT crossing 0.5-1 meters behind my head at my listening position. I have referred to the manual, and still working on bass before I set the imaging.

Ok… I understand - sorry. My speakers are about 2.4m away from me and have no toe in at all… in a small room this seems to work very well…

Ok done the links … removed bars and put in NACa5 … wow it has made a positive difference!..more clarity and a tiny bit more detail, for some weird reason also bass definition seems improved… eghh?? So yes well worth the effort - what terrific speakers these are - in a smallish room. :slight_smile:

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