PMC ? or what speaker is that?

anyone knows which speaker is ont he picture?
I thought about PMC but not sure about the Model.

Google lens (is really handy for this sort of thing) says - Quested vq3110. If you have to ask… c. £10k

great - thanks
the brand is new to me

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And me! They look nicely made. Are you after new speakers!?

Quested is a pro speaker brand - I’m not sure they’ve ever pursued the hifi market. A telltale driver tgere is ATC’s 3" dome mid, as used on their hifi speakers from SCM40 upwards, and as here many pro speakers by other brands (and IIUC PMC at one time), but after ATC moved into making complete speakers not just drivers they eventually withdrew from supplying competitors (and the home constructor market).

Volt has filled that gap. And I think SB Acoustics also still make a midrange dome.

Yamaha make one for their own speakers, but I don’t think they sell the drivers themselves.

Quested have “residential” models, dont know about distribution I Europe.

They have “smaller” monitors for home studios, sold by Thomann over Europe. I used a pair in my studio about 15 years ago.

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Yes, Volt makes a near clone of the ATC unit, though I haven’t come across any direct comparisons. Scanspeak also make a couple o 3" mid domes, one indistinguishable from a Vifa one (makes me wonder if the same rebadged), but much lesser than the Volt (and ATC) unit. PMC of course developed their own clone to replace the ATC.

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I was unaware of that. And interesting decor on that speaker- much nicer than plain black!

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