PMC twenty 23 vs Neat sx1

Good morning everyone. I have a hifi system consisting of Naim Nait xs2+, Hicap DR, Dynaudio Focus 140 and dac Gustard r26. I really like the sound I have but I was looking for a floorstanding speaker to have a greater bass extension because I have a room of about 25 m2. I have the possibility to choose between some used speakers including the PMC twenty 23 or the Neat sx1. i listen to a little bit of everything and i prefer country rock music. Has anyone been able to compare them? Unfortunately I don’t have the opportunity to listen to them. any of your opinions are welcome Thanks for the attention

I once tried the original Motive 1 at home, having bought them cheap and unheard. Total nightmare. So much bass it was ridiculous. That said, others really rate them, but if you can’t hear them at home they have to be a risk.

I owned twenty.23s for two or three years and was very happy with them. The bass is deep yet more controlled, so I’d say they were less of a risk.

Speaking of risk, buying speakers unheard is always something of a lottery, so ensure you don’t pay too much, so that you don’t lose if they don’t work out for you. I suspect that the Nait XS2 will be at its limits with the PMCs in your larger room, so don’t expect too much.

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I’d think of adding a subwoofer; connect it off the back of the speaker terminals.
Switching to a speaker at that price unheard is really not recommended. It’s a complete gamble if you like it. I would have kudos speakers right now if that was the case (saw a great deal ex demo from very good dealers), but at audition alongside others they really didn’t blow me away.

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Hi @Michael2367 I have owned. both the Neat SX1’s and PMC Twenty5 23’s. Both were good speakers but if I had to choose it would be the PMC’s, they are a bit more refined and easy to position, the Neat SX1’s are a bit more bass heavy and lack as much detail.

Thanks for the replies. I got to listen to the pmc twenty 23 some time ago and I liked them, unfortunately I’ve never heard the neat but I’ve read that they have excellent synergy with Naim. if you say that the sx1s are too heavy at the bottom I could also evaluate ke sx2 what are you saying?

I used to have the Neat Xplorers and now got 23i’s .The PMcs sound a lot more open and with a lot more bass.
I thought the Neats were good compared to my previous Castles but the PMC’s blew them away

I’m not sure if you’re UK based but the next step should be to listen to both speakers, preferably in your room. Lots of speaker choices re synergy with Naim in addition to Neat and PMC you could also add Spendor, Kudos, Proac, Dynaudio etc.
I’m not saying the SX1’s are too heavy at the bottom, they are a different design from PMC, bottom firing bass port as opposed to PMC’s front firing transmission line ports, I found the 25.23’s more balanced. Some have reported that the SX2 is a more balanced speaker, I haven’t owned them.

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and if I stay with dynaudio do you think the focus 260 could be fine?

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