PMC Twenty 23 with 202 and 200

unable to demo these speakers but read great things about them, just wondering if anyone has ever heard them. Hoping they will be and upgrade from my B&W CM6 S2
NAC202 and NAP 200 will be the amps

I used them with a SN2 then 202/200 for a few years and really enjoyed them. If I were to be hypercritical there’s a very slight thinness to the upper-mids but that may have been my room contributing.


I have had 23i’s for nearly six months now and I really like them. They seem to deliver whatever signal they are given in a clean, even handed way. I listened to quite a few different 2k - 4k speakers, Spendor, ProAc, Russel K, Fyne, B&W, Focal and maybe some I can’t remember. The ProAc DT8’s were great because they made everything sound fun. Settled on the PMC’s because they were the best all round for me. Listening to the new London Grammar LP as I type this and it sounds brilliant.

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I auditioned them with a 252 and a 282 /250 DR combination. The 23s were very good, but I preferred the Twenty-22 stand-mounts. The latter presented a more forward sound - the vocals and solo instruments coming across clearly, whereas with the 23s they were set back more into the bass and rhythm, which to me rather smothered them. It could be a matter of liking what I was used to since they were to replace an old BBC design (Rogers) stand-mount with a similar forward sound. If you like a wall-of-sound presentation I guess the 23s may be better. One thing I’ve learned, though, is the value of auditioning speakers.

I used to have Twenty 22 standmounts with my 202 / 200 DR which I enjoyed a lot. It seemed that it was lacking some bass but that might have been due to its positioning.

I had PMC GB1i’s (forerunner to the 23) connected to a 282/200 front end when I first went Naim in 2008. Sounded just great - so I am sure the 23 will sound even better. I kept them right up to my current 252/SCDR/250DR and they always kept pace with the changes. I then went to KEF Reference 1’s as I had radically changed my listening room (much larger and with a stone floor so I was concerned about the low position of the transmission line port) and, more importantly, I fancied a 3-way speaker that was not larger than the PMC’s and I had some cash to spend (those were the days)! When I demo’d the Reference 1’s at the dealers I took the PMC’s along for a direct comparison. They performed admirably - in fact the biggest compliment I can pay them is that I wanted the Reference 1’s to be the same - just more so, and they were - but that’s another story.

…and later you moved from 202-200DR to Supernait 3?

I moved from 202 / 200 DR to Nova to Supernait 3 as a good deal came along. I could have lived with any of these but really enjoy the built in phono stage of the SN3.


How big is (was) your room, if I may?


It’s a bit strangely shaped around 5 by 4,5m. My former girlfriend always used to ask why there was not bass. My current Dyns seem to deliver a lot more bass (and I much more prefer their design but that is something different).

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Just to finish up here, I bought the PMC Twenty23 and I couldn’t be happier. They sound great


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