Podcast index - Part 2

Continuing the discussion from Podcasts:

Was scrolling through the podcast list on the app and wondered how those get added? I normally use Apple’s Podcast app to listen to them, but on a 1st gen streamer I’d have to add an external setup (like a bluetooth device to stream from phone) to play. Is there a way to add podcasts via the app, or is it like internet radio where the URLs have to be configured centrally?

think this actually belongs in Streaming instead of the Music Room…

No responses makes me think podcasts are not that popular with this crowd?? :thinking:

But if anyone has any info on the topic, would be much appreciated. I have no idea how the commercial model works here, so simply asking Naim to add something that incurs additional cost is not going to fly. Free on the other hand should be easier (and is my guess to why there are 1,000s of them already in the app) but there’s no clear process to request…And I would guess the teams could get overloaded if they need to be added manually one-by-one.