Poll. F1 Champion 2021 - Who do you think’s gonna win then?

  • Lewis
  • Max

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Early lead for Lewis…

Since cheating leads to winning …

Heart says Hamilton. Head says Verstappen. Neither have a clue really.

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LH will probably win it, but would love it to be MV.


Max creeping up in the voting slightly, pole advantage?

I would think so.

Where did Mad Max get that added speed from in Q3 today? I suspect the Mercedes spies will have their most powerful telescope trained on Max’s car to see if there is any funny business going on! Perhaps Honda’s last Hurrah is to offer up some extra bhp for their last race?
Wouldn’t be surprised to see Mercedes work up some tweaks before the start - the competition between the teams is immense and I personally find it impossible to call who might take the race tomorrow.
Hopefully they both make it to the finish line and the race is a fair one.

The poll’s still open!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Might take a few days before the final result is confirmed :joy:

If the Merc protest is approved then there sure will be a counter protest…

For all the protests the result will stand.

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Fat ladies and all that…:checkered_flag:🪆


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