Poor mains connections

A simple question I am sure.

Today my better half went to play some music and complained it does not work.

Upon investigation the 552 was off and this was because the power lead into the rear of the 552 PS is flakey. It really does seem very loose and causes the power to cut in and out.

I realise that the power connections are deliberately not a tight fit but this does seem a little crazy.

Have I not pushed it home hard enough I wonder but I don’t want to damage anything.

Any comments/thoughts please.

Pull it out, and push it in firmly, and make sure you’re not doing it at an angle.

PowerLines need quite a hard push! Your 552 system deserves them!


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Thankyou Guys. I was not pushing hard enough. I guess always a little nervous to push hard.

Thankyou. Solved


That’s all good life advice above, but what about the mains supply to the amplifier?

(I shall probably get banned now.)


Good point Graham I will check all connections. Thankyou.

Might even sound better. Free upgrade!

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