Portable usb drive

Hello everyone,
a question-
I backed up the entire library from the CORE to a WD portable USB drive - my pasport ultra.
When I connect the drive to the usb port of the NDX52 and choose the USB option in the application menu, I have no indication of its contents and of course there is no music.
Where am I wrong?
(The drive type supports the NTFS format and the connecting cable is of the USB 2.0 type)

Did you mean ND5XS? The older Naim streamers are not really intended for use with music libraries on a USB drive. A memory stick with an album or two is about the limit.
If you have a 2nd generation streamer (eg ND5XS2) you can access music on a USB drive by looking under Server > Local Music.

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my mistake. nd5xs2.

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In that case you should be able to see the music. Have you looked in the Server input, as opposed to the USB input?

Does this guy support reading from NTFS?

Don’t know about the gen2 streamers but my gen1 NDS only supports FAT32 formatted drives.

The ND5XS2 supports NTFS formatted drives.

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Yes. And in both options, the indication -NO RESULTS

Have you looked at the files on a computer to check that they are intact, and that both music and metadata are there?
Will they play on other hardware?

Yes, when the drive is connected to the computer, all the data appears and can be played on the computer.

I would suggest contacting Naim support here.

I suspect the problem here is a variation of the theme that music stores (and backups of music stores) are specific to a particular streamer.

So for example, you can’t take a music store on a USB HDD created on one UnitiStar and have it work when you plug it into another UnitiStar.

Similarly there is another thread where someone had found out the hard way that the ten backups of his Core’s music store are ignored now by his Core, just returned from Naim with a new motherboard. So he faces having to make ten new backups.

Isn’t this the scenario where you need to export the files from the Core as FLAC rather than use a backup? Isn’t that some sort of proprietary format?

You can’t export the files from the Core in anything other than the format they happen to be in, as the Core doesn’t have any functionality to allow that.

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Is it an export rather than a backup though? (I’m probably thinking back to the UnitiServe.)

The Core doesn’t have an Export music function.

What you are thinking about is that with Unitiserve and HDX, the standard advice is the transcode any WAVs to FLAC using the Unitiserve, before you sell it or it breaks. So a backup would have FLACs on it.

But if you were using a Naim backup for another Naim product, you wouldn’t think that would be necessary as all Naim streamers speak Naim WAV.

Naim has chosen to make music stores and backups specific to the product they were made for. I don’t know why they have done that, but no doubt there is some obscure reason, maybe related to licensing. It’s totally obsolete thinking in 2023 though!

Thank you all,
I’ll try to explain what I did-
I connected the drive to CORE and selected the backup option.
Content of about 400 GB was transferred to the drive in the same format in which it was stored in CORE, the format in which the ripping was performed is WAV.
I see the content as WAV files, as soon as I connect the drive to the laptop. But when I connect the drive to ND5XS2, I get a NO RESULT message.
The connecting cable is a USB 2.0 type

As you can access the folders and files when connected to a computer, have to you tried moving a few files onto a different drive to test whether they are then seen by the ND5XS2?

This may be a daft question, but if all your music is on the Core, why do you need the USB drive anyway?

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I think what you need to do is copy the files to a USB drive using a computer instead of using the backup.

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