Position of cd player in rack

Why do people say that a cd player must sit above an amplifier in a rack. I have been experimenting with this and can honestly say that I cannot tell the difference on listening when the cd player is above or below the amplifier.
Perhaps someone can explain.

Depends on the model of CD player - with the 555 it more or less has to go on top as the door extends high above the player when open. A similar issue arises with the CDS3. With the other players it is often better to site the pre on top.

Cable dressing is also a factor aiming to get the Burndys and interconnects hanging in free space.

You generally want the most heavy things at the bottom and the lighter things on top.
If you have a whopping big heavy power amp at the top of an average height rack you could have stability issues and would be more susceptible to airborne and internal vibrations effecting quality.
Saying that looking at system pics some have very heavy turntables and those big battleship CD players that was popular some years ago on the top shelf. Some prefer heavy amps and integrateds more elevated, saying the extra height adds more isolation. So you could have your cdp on the bottom, but be careful with your knees and back when popping in a cd.
Some racks have a more heavy duty shelf and support system on the bottom which is more suitable for using with a very heavy amp.

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