Possible issue connecting REL to Nait 5si.

I’m a first time Naim owner having recently picked up a 5si.
I’ve connected a turntable, digital streamer and Marantz AVR.
Speakers are KEF R100.
Finally, I’ve connected a REL T3 using the high level cable.

The issue I’ve encountered is I have to set the high level knob almost at max to achieve similar levels of bass response I had previously. This seems to be quite an extreme setting, and doesn’t marry up with what I’ve had in the past.
I’ve had Musical Fidelity, Cyrus and Exposure integrated amps set up exactly the same way, and every time, the high level knob on the REL has been around noon.
I’ve also had a variety of AVRs I’ve used for 2 channel (in lieu of a dedicated integrated) and again, that high level knob has sat around noon.

This is how I’ve made the connections.
High level red - Naim left output positive
High level yellow - Naim right output positive
High level black - Naim right output negative

Is this a quirk with Naim, or have I done something wrong?

Are you connecting the high level connection directly from the amp’s power output sockets? If so, you shouldn’t do that with Naim as it can cause all sorts of issues and give poor overall performance. Much better to connect from the speaker’s sockets themselves, that way the amp does not “see” the extra connections and cabling. On the old forum a few 5i users had terrible issues connecting their REL via high level from the amp, which were all solved connecting from the speaker end.

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As Richard says please go from the speaker sockets at the back off your speakers , it will sound a lot better if you do and not cause any problems with the amp .

Richard is correct, the high level connection is best made at the loudspeaker end when using a Naim amp. However, I would not expect reduced sub volume to be a symptom of connecting directly to the amp, so I’m not sure it would solve your particular problem.

How have you connected the sub cable to the amp? Posting a photo might help. Also what crossover setting have you used?

I’m joining the discussion because I also have a 5si and would like to get a REL T5 or T7 sub. Writing to REL they recommended specific cables for connection directly behind the amplifier but now I read that it is better to connect directly behind the speakers. How and with which cables?


this is the one recommended for the connection behind the amp

You can use the cable Rel supply with the sub, but you need to split the outer sheath to connect it to both speakers. Alternatively you could have a suitable cable made up.
You also need to consider how to connect to the speaker sockets. You may be able to fit both main and sub cables to the same banana plugs, or use another set of bananas or spades for the sub, depending on the type of input sockets on your speakers.

today I wrote to Designe Cable and they recommended the cable I posted above for the connection.

Sure, but that cable is specifically designed to allow you to connect to a Naim amp. If you connect to the speakers you don’t need the extra modification that cable has.

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OK thank you. then I can order it without problems if I understand correctly.
It is more convenient for me to connect the sub to the amp terminals than to the speaker terminals given the distance and the fact that they are bookshelf, so extra cables are exposed.
I think that this cable is also the solution for the friend who opened the tread.

I have one between my SN3 and 5Ti, - it works very well - It is not the cheapest however.

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