Possibly daft question.....sony soundbar and using naim stereo as subwoofer

Hello - I have a sony HT-A5000 and I quite fancy a subwoofer.
There are some breakout 3.5 mm jacks on the back - is there any way (before I start messing about) to connect this to a naim 52 and use the main stereo for a subwoofer?
many thanks - Gus

Not as far as I am aware. The Sony HTA bars are designed to work with the SW3 or SW5 subwoofers via Bluetooth only. So, the sub frequencies/info will be directed by the soundbar accordingly: hence the sub output on AV amps. (I have the HTA7000,fwiw).

I have the 7000 also. I bought it because I was sick of all the cables with connecting my main system to my surround setup. I bought the remote surrounds and the subwoofer with it and am really happy with it. It works in a really integrated fashion and imagine @BigAl is correct that there isn’t another way to connect it - but TBH I never tried!

I really like (actually really) wireless surrounds.

I am going to get the SW5 and the SAR5 Speakers soon, I hope. The soundbar is decent. but needs a bit more low frequency heft. Hopefully the whole package will work quite well, as we have neither the space nor the requirement for a full-on a/v set up.

ok thanks - probably a dead end. However there is definitely a little bit of plastic on the back of these, that reveals 3.5mm jacks for rear speakers and sub.

Worth a try then! Let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

nope no joy at all, I just had a fast clicking noise so disconnected it all and quietly put the bit of plastic back over the secret ports.

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