Potential Innuos Issue

The last few days I’ve been having a strange issue….

I run an Innuos Zenith Mk 3 via an Ethernet cable into my ND555. Every track played (UPnP) has a short (approx 1 second) interruption around 10 seconds before the end.

Is anyone else having this issue ? I suppose I’m trying to narrow down whether it’s an Innuous or streamer issue.

I had a similar thing happened a year or two ago. Innuous tech support couldn’t find a fault but the issue disappeared at the next firmware update :thinking:. I emailed them on Monday but haven’t heard back as yet.

NB I’m using the Naim app rather than Innuous Sense.

Calling @Michaelb

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If you’ve not done so already then powering down the ND555 and Zenith for a few mins and then re-starting them would be my first step.

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No issue with mine here.

Mine is also fine. Are you streaming from local storage?

Mini first world crisis over. A good old fashioned reboot of both units appears to have sorted the issue as suggested above.