Power Amp for Atom HE

I currently run a Uniti Atom in my home office, with a pair of Neat Iota’s. More often than not I’m using the headphone output into a pair of Sennheiser HD660’s, and recently acquired a set of Audeze LCD2’s. The release of the Atom HE was intriguing since if I optimize around my main use case in the office, it is headphones. However, I do on occasion use the speakers and wouldn’t want to lose that capability all together.

So I’m tempted to try the HE to see what it can do for my headphones, but then I’d need a compact power amp for the occasional listen on the Iotas. Outside of the NAP 100, any recommendations at where I should be looking?


Benchmark AHB2?


Any Cyrus eg there’s a “smartpower” for £279 at a dealers right now. Brand new x power is £1200.
There’s also the Project amp box RS and a couple of other models, cheapest one is £199 new.
Lehman audio stamp (stereo amp) is tiny, 115mm width.

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This looks like a really good pairing option for the atom HE. 100 wpc. !

Bel canto make some pretty good half width amps.

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I think the NAP100 is your best bet. Perhaps the Linn Majik. Or save some space and replace the speakers and go active with the Acoustic Energy AE1 - for pretty much the same money as a power amp.


A serviced NAP110 or NAP140 would be my choice. I’m a huge fan of the NAP110 and have happily used one of mine in my big Naim system paired with my NAC552 while my 250DR was away in Salisbury. It’s one of the most engaging amps I know.


Totally agree, having had both I think they would be a great match for the Atom HE if you want a compact box.

The idea of active speakers really appeals to me in this situation, but finding the right speakers can be hard.

Maybe even a compact valve amp for something different.

Apart from Naim options listed above Lehmann audio stamp or stamp SE come to mind. I haven’t heard one but they are compact. I wish Rega Brio was available as power amp only, thats a sweet little stereo amp.

That one.

Or if you’re happy to try Class D (other members have been happy combining these with the Atom), try the Boxem Arthur 4215/E2 or March Audio P452.

Wait for upcoming Atom power amp, I guess they are working on a matching style.

Could be a long wait. Clare posted on the Atom HE thread that there was nothing currently in the pipeline, although didn’t go so far as to rule it out as something to consider.

For occasional speaker use a shoebox NAP would be ideal and should a matching amp arrive later on then the OP will lose nothing.


Clare made very clear the Uniti range is designed as a one box solution.

Of course the Naim forum has a large number of multi box users .

I am surprised how good the Nova is

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s/h NAP 140?

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I’m sorry but this has to match aesthetically so only a pair of Statement NAPs will do :grinning:


With a slight “-” attached for compactness, though.

I have the Nad C298 connected to a classic Atom. It sounds great. When I switch the Atom for my Matrix Mini-I Pro 3 I like what I hear even more. But the jury is still in session regarding that…

I wonder what a unity atom HE into atc scm40 actives would sound like. XLR balanced inputs, super minimal box count. hope someone trys it out.


You could also consider adding a Purifi or nCore design power amp. These are small in size, very efficient with power and as a result don’t get very warm. Especially the Purifi designs stay very cool. And they sound awesome in my setup at least.


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Hiya, which amp is this? Is it a DIY project? Looks too good to be home made.