Power amp stand

I need a black power amp stand. I will add Finite Elemente cerapucks also, under the chassis.

I see 5 different choices, wonder which one will sound better under my Ear 534 tubes amp:

Project ground deluxe
Isoacoustics zazen
Isoacoustics Delos ( but I would prefer black)
Solidsteel BS S
Solid Tech Radius solo

My amp weights 40 lbs.

I think you may need to rule out the Zazens @frenchrooster as your amplifier exceeds their weight limit.

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Have you thought about a wall shelf for your TT? You could then use the 2 top stand levels for the amps?

Otherwise Quadraspire SVT or SV2T can replace one or both of yours? They are flexible in height, have excellent ventilation and can carry significant weights.

Can you not replace a Fraim level with a deep on and put the preamp in there and then just put the power amp on the top shelf?

Can you not just get a single level of your Lovan Rack for the amp?


It’s too big for a Fraim or Fraimlite shelf. 410 mn X 410 mn.

On the floor you mean ? If it’s that, then it would take too much space and would be not nice.

I ordered finally an acoustic butcher block, 45 mn height. I will put under it my Finite Elemente cerapucks. Ordered in black.

It will stay on the floor, like in the picture above.

Maybe later I will buy another rack, to accommodate all my components.
Hifi racks maybe. A long one, to put 3 components side by side ( Ear 912, Ear 534, and Rega P10).
No rush, and no money for now :smile:


FWIW Quadraspire do “D” range which stands for “deep”. I use a regular Quadraspire rack for Naim and a Quadraspire D for oversized things like AV amps that are much deeper. I pull the front on the normal rack further to match the deep one so you can’t see the difference.

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I can eventually put the Ear on the left , next to the Fraimlite, on a stand like that. ( picture ). It’s a second option. I can’t buy another shelf and put the Ear amp on top, neither put it instead of the P10 ( and put the P10 on a wall shelf), because I will miss speakers cables length. ( expensive cables).
So only 2 options : on the floor with a nicer platform or on a tall stand ( cable’s length, XLR from the 912, can’t allow more choices ) next to the Fraimlite.

The third option would be a long rack, with the possibility of having 3 components on top, side by side.
Good ones cost around 3 k….

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