Power amp

Hi, Been using. Nait 5i for a few years linked to an Audioquest M DAC to stream Tidal and Spotify using Amazon Fire Stick and linked to my TV, fancied up grade, as you do, so bought Naim 172 pe amp and 155 XS power amp courtesy EBay, pleased with pe-amp facilities, streaming and radio programmes, and can see these on I pad, but was expecting better sound, to me the Nait 5i especially on speech from the TV sounds more natural, not quite as detailed perhaps, but slightly better bass lines, really my question is should I. Have bought a better power amp, 200 or 250?

I never got any bass until I upgraded to 250DR, before that I had a NAP200 which replaced my original NAP180 (Olive) both always sounded good but flat. I even tried a sub, but it didn’t help. Good luck.

Which speakers ?

What size room ?

Is the speaker placement correct ?

Bass depends a lot on the room and speaker placement as well.

Of course… this is assuming the source material is well recorded as well…


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