Power Amp's

There are a few threads on the new 300 series, but I hope there’s room for a Power Amp specific thread, encompassing the 350. Specifically intended to be listening-focused rather than speculative , I should be very interested to know of any experience Forumites have had of listening to the 350 vs the 500DR or new 250 passive? Or even more, 350s active vs new 250s active and also 350s active vs S1 Power. Of course with the same source/Pre/Speakers of a good level (as I’m sure they would be at this standard). Or is it too soon for such experience? For my part I have heard new 250s active vs 500DR and preferred it…

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I am also only interested in the mono power amp of NAP 350. Want to know if almost near 500 level or not. The new 350 with XLR really open up lots of convenience when pairing other streaming preamp like those from dCS or others.

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