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What power Blocks are better filters or unfiltered and what make are good option.?

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Budget ?
Unfiltered more, but sometimes filtered work good too with Naim, as Isotek Sirius or Audioquest Niagara.
High budget : Musicworks ultra

Thanks the Musicworks ultra seem to be a good option but expensive.

I have the Eros Titan. Very satisfied.

What are you using at the moment ?

From your profile it looks like you have only 3 items that need a mains connection (300PS, SC2 and XPS2) so if you’re looking for a cheaper option than the Musicworks block then how about a 3 head Graham’s Hydra ?

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Russ andrews X 6 block


B&Q do a satisfactory six way unfiltered, unswitched, power block for ÂŁ7.99. A 5m lead instead of a 2m lead adds about ÂŁ1.

I use a Russ Andrew’s Powerblock, bought 15 years ago when the spec and price were a little lower than they are now. No filtering or anything fancy, just solid quality parts and construction. I run both the home cinema and Naim system from it, though obviously not simultaneously.

Even Mrs Ebor had to admit - despite her strongly vested financial interests to the contrary - that it was a definite improvement over the nothing-special extension it replaced.


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If your budget is between the Music works and your existing Russ Andrews, something costing around 1,5 k , I would consider the Audioquest Niagara 1200 with a good power cord or Eros Titan.
The power cord from the powerblock to the wall is probably the most important part.
You have the Audioquest Niagara thread in the search part. Several Naim users have it.

I only have double socket so another option would be get more wall sockets installed.

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I have an audioquest Niagara which is excellent, it gave audible improvement in sound although I prefer my amp going direct to the wall socket

That’s a good option. For less than the cost of one of the more fancy powerblocks , you could get a dedicated mains setup installed (if you’ve not got one already) and put in as many sockets as you need.


Russ Andrews do a "megacube’
An audiophile equivalent of a mains adapter.
If you want just an extra source of power.


Audiophile my arse !!!
A bit of printing & a squirt of DeOxit
But it might just sound a bit better than a buss bar (daisy chain) extension block


That…appears a bit of a piss take…

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