Power button flashing on Uniti Atom

Hi guys and gals.
Today I noticed that when putting my Uniti Atom into the standby mode the power button flashing four times.
Nothing else is affected but it still a bit annoying as it kind of blinking to me thats somethung is up.
Any ideas what could cause this?

Are you putting it in to Deep Sleep Mode?

The support section here talks about different power modes but doesn’t mention flashing

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My Nova does that when I put it into stand-buy.

It’s perfectly normal to me. Almost certain that the Atom will be the same.

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Hi. Yes it happens when It goes to the stand by mode but I could swear I only noticed this yesterday and have Atom since more than 18 months. Its fully funtional but was wondering why it is blinking as I never notoced this before.

mine doesn’t blink when going into standby so I’d say something has changed. I can’t help as to what though

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Mine blinks too and I’ve only noticed it recently - I suspect something in the last update has triggered it. I don’t see it as a cause for concern.

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If it’s blinking then there is a fault of some description. How it blinks indicates the type of fault check the pattern and ask support. Mines only done it when booting up due to it timing out when STP was on my switch. They fixed this issue in an update.

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Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. You reasurred me I didnt go mad :joy: What would be the best way to contact support? Never had any issue and I would like to get this sprted for peace of kind. It is blinking four times.

I do not think there is a fault or anything to be concerned about.

On my Nova and I have no reason to think the atom would be any different.
The blinking on setting network sleep or deep sleep is intentional and blinking only occurs if hdmi or server mode are in use.

I don’t have either on and mine doesn’t flash. You sure you don’t mean server mode on?

Thanks just edited. I did mean to say in use. Blame it on a 9 year running around,

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I have HDMI OFF and server mode OFF and the light is still flashing. Tried to ring Naim but hard to get to the technical support. On the call since the morning :roll_eyes:. I just hope it is nothing that can affect the equipment in any way.

Not sure what happened there but it sorted itself out. After another rebooting its just stop blinking. :+1::+1::+1:

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