Power button on 250dr not working

Hi. Tried powering off 250dr today and button not working. Tried holding down for a few seconds and also quick release to engage spring. No joy. Anyone had this problem?

A signal from the Heavens to never stop listening music on your Naim?! :sweat_smile:.
On a more serious note, I don’t recall reading equal problem elsewhere

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The problem is usually that the button won’t stay turned on. It may be worth giving it a good hard jab to try and release it. If that doesn’t work, your dealer may be able to open the case and release it. You can always just pull out the plug at the mains end but that’s not ideal I know.

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Had the same problem on Olive 250 recently, and after a brief discussion with my dealer, I took it in and he released it for me. Working fine now. Can’t recall what the problem was, but if it happens again, I think I’ll have a new switch fitted.

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Try pushing the button in further using something like the eraser end of a pencil. If you don’t succeed first time, keep at it and it should eventually unlatch.

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Hi Graeme, sorry to tell you that the olive on off switches are no longer available, they can be made to to work, have had the same problem and the new option was ruled out by my official Naim repair centre.


Sorted, repeated firm jabbing did the trick!!! :joy: Thanks all.

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Had the same problem with an XPS2, every now and again had to take the lid off and unstick the sticking spring. Ever since have used the CU switch to turn the XPS2 on and off, not often as left on all the time except for holidays and storms.

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I am sure it won’t be, but you are waiting long enough after pressing it?
My 250Dr Naim logo stays illuminated for a solid 20-30 seconds before it goes off. :crazy_face:

Thanks Popeye, yeah I’m aware of the logo fade time. Triple checked that but looks like the button just wouldn’t release. :+1:

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I had the same issue of not being able to turn off my Nap 300, in my case no sensible amount of button pressing and releasing, flicking etc helped, so I opened the case of the power supply and exercised the actual switch (the component that actually makes and breaks the power inside) a dozen times or more. It seems to me that the internal switch spring is only marginally man enough to act against the ‘customer facing’ solid turned aluminium button plus an additional spring that Naim add, all to create the ‘look’.

I suspect that as many owners also leave their amps permanently ‘on’ (mine is an older used example so I don’t know how the previous owner used it) this keeps the actual switch spring in the permanently compressed state which may further weaken it.

Easy fix, but it can be a bit of a pain if you do like to turn your stuff off when not in use.

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Yesterday the button curse struck my 250DR but the other way – the button won’t stay depressed and I get about two seconds of music before the logo fades… and it will be Tuesday before I can get to my dealer for a fix. Ugh.

Unplug the NAP250 and try the pencil eraser on the button. The button does sometimes need to be pushed quite far inside the hole to latch.

Again, people forget that Naim uses this technic to never stop listening music.
Its always ON, people… aways ON.

Alas, no dice. goes all the way back on the spring and stops without latching. Fortunate I have a separate headphone system.

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