Power consumption (quiescent) of different items

Does anyone know about the electricity consumption of items like 555ps and Hicap? Naim does not show these specifications for the power supplies but only power amplifiers. I assume the consumption is more or less stable for power supplies? I ask just because I would like to convince my wife to allow me to keep my Naim boxes for a longer time rather than turning them on only when I listen to music. Thanks in advance.

Search is your friend my friend!

Just measured for you,my 555ps/nds combo 35W.


Thanks! Amazing!

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SCDR/252 25W
NAP300DR 20W

All in quiesce mode.

Thanks again!

My HiCapDR measures 9Watts

So. 1xSupercap/52 plus 2x135s =approximately 65w/hr. This equates to nearly 15% of our overall electricity use, including washing machine and tumble drier taken as an average over the year (approx 10 kwh/day, with 2 modern fridge freezers, electric double oven etc).

Depends where you live. In a temperate climate sure. Somewhere very hot or very cold where heating/cooling are lifelines, then your power consumption will be massively larger and the stack of Naim might be <1%.

The UK and some parts of north America area really in the goldilocks zone of low household energy requirements. A lot of people in poor countries actually consume massively more KWh. For my location, the cost of a Naim stack doesn’t get a look in. Finding ways to bring the heating/cooling down from well over 1000KWh/month is the real challenge. That really takes the lion’s share.

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