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Anybody out there familiar with Shunyata Power cords/cables/interconnects? I am considering upgrading my power cords from the stock ones supplied with the purchase of my equipment. I put in a dedicated circuit years ago. I’m not experiencing any noise issues…just trying to get the best bang out of my system. If any of you have upgraded your “wires”, I would appreciate hearing your experience. My system is NAC 282/SuperCap DR, 250, NDX2/XPS DR. Speakers are Wilson Sabrina’s. I recently added a pair of Shunyata speaker cables which improved the midrange, bass, and soundstage.

I have made some additions since this post. They are: Shunyata Denali Power Conditioner along with several Alpha version 2 power cables. I can hear deeper base and more precise midrange along with an improved soundstage. I know some folks say power conditioners are a not recommended for Naim equipment. To me, my system sounded good without any of this. Now, my system sounds much better.

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If you’re prepared to spend that amount of money per cable then get the Naim PowerLine mains cable as it is designed to work with Naim kit.

They often appear secondhand on eBay or on dealers websites.

Happy New Year.


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If your question is specifically about Shunyata, I use their Alpha NR mains cable on my NSC222. After trying others, it’s so far the best one I’ve come across for a source/DAC in my setup so would definitely recommend it. Not cheap but whatever it is they do to reduce noise does work and the sound is fuller and more engaging. Might work well with your NDX2 or 282?

I also have their RCA interconnects and they are very good too.

I am curious to try their mains block when I get a chance.


Thanks for the input. I would be interested in hearing from those who have used/compared the powerLine along with other power cables.

Do you use a line conditioner or just plug straight into the wall outlet?

Are you advertising DG🤔

I use a SOtM MT-1000 mains block which is a non-filtered block with heavy gauge wiring and passive noise reduction. I plug everything in there and it goes to the wall.

I’ve tried mains conditioning blocks or such with in-line filtration and they are a No-No for me. (but I can see some on here more positive about them - if you are interested to try?)

No, just advising that they are available at many places.

Just do a search on dealer websites, for example, Cymbiosis has some and I got mine previously from Hi-Fi dealers who have a presence on eBay.


I used the Power-Lines when I had Naim amps. Was a big improvement over the Power-Line Lites that I previously used.

More detail and better bass for a start.


Posts about Naim-made gear here ain’t advertising, surely? It is the Naim Forum…

My comment was tongue in cheek as there is a seller with the same name on eBay selling a powerline…


@DiggyGun - you may have an impostor! :laughing:

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