Power cord mix ups

Over the years I must have mixed up many power cords struggling to plug/unplug/dust/hoover behind racks.

Sadly most of them look the same and had I had foresight donkeys’ years ago I’d have tagged them with something.

I suspect many Linn leads are mixed with Naim ones along with generic IEC terminated leads.

So now fiddling with some Powerlines and a 6 way distribution box I’m sure many of them are wrong.

From memory most of my old olive era Naim equipment would have had white MK plugs and 10A fuses, at least on the NAP 250s. The white paper tags with the Naim logo seem to have long perished or broken.

What sort of lead would have come with a recent NAPSC for instance?

The Nova is the easy one as the only component which came with a Powerline lite.

Any obvious pointers in terms of writing on the cable itself or other plug brands that may have been used?

Drat, drat, drat, the only answer will be more Powerlines or similar.

Look out for any of the old Pirelli mains leads that Naim used to use. This is still reckoned by some to be the best of the standard Naim mains leads and was used until it could no longer be obtained. The cable will have Pirelli markings.

A Naim giveaway is a lead that has a Crabtree plug on it. Although Naim also used MKs from time to time when Crabtree supply was poor and also after Crabtree ceased supply of their UK plug.

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Thanks - I think from memory there’s possibly some info in the FAQs I need to review too.

I don’t suppose there’s alist of recommended fuse ratings for various Naim components.

I suspect the 10A comment is something I read pre-internet fora in a hi-fi magazine, it may be wrong.

AFAIK, the plug fuses have always been 13A Marbos, but of course may have been changed since supplied new.

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I’ve found one lead with an MK Made in England plug which still has the paper Naim info on the lead - this has a Bussmann fuse.

The other MK lead I have is Made in Malaysia with a Vernon’s fuse - both 13A.

I may well have changed fuses over the years, I can certainly recall a spate of fuses going at one time for no apparent reason.

I agree with Richard, 13A fuse is the most likely & all I’ve ever seen in a Naim lead. A 10A fuse is available, but its a very uncommon size.

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Too many leads from too many devices over the years, coupled with things in storage (some still are) was not a good recipe for being organised!

There are certainly a few in the system with 5A fuses as I start to remove and check them - hmmm!

Crumbs anyone remember this stuff?


I think this may have been for my Linn Linto phono pre-amp - the 5A fuse rating is correct anyway - off the NAP 250 with that one!

Most of my Olive kit has MK plugs/leads. I have one Lloytron plug on a hi-cap, and a Marbo plug on a captive lead for my cd3.5 which I’ve had since new.

No Crabtree or Pirelli for me!

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Can we get those Marbo fuses if it looks as though we’ve swapped out for others in the past? I’m probably searching the wrong terms but most links show different fuses.

Yes you can get Marbo, not sure who actually sells Marbo as a named brand,
hardware, electrical shops & www are the places to look.
Just as long as its a known branded fuse, not so sure one is better than another. I’ve looked inside a new unused Naim stock cable with an MK & its got a Bussmann, also my Naim Powerline Lite’s have SEM’s

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I may be mistaken about the Marbos. It could be that Naim have used others too. However most important Is that the fuse is 13A.

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I really can’t remember where I got the 10A thing from - fairly sure it was a hi-fi mag in the 90’s but could have been a dealer at the time. Odd how we could read/hear things pre-internet and consider them ‘gospel’ when it’s so easy to find the proper answers now!

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