Power Cord Question

Asking the folks here for opinions.

I have a piece of medical equipment (an inferential muscle stimulation unit that also has Russian Stim and other therapeutic modalities) made by Mettler Electonics that died, and I replaced it with a refurbished unit. This left me with an extra medical grade, very robust, hospital grade mains cord.


Could this cord provide me an upgrade over a Tibia?

Try it, that’s the only way you’ll find out.

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Apologies for the tangent, but are the connections open to the elements, fingers, whatever? I’ve not seen a plug with a hole in before (assuming it is what it looks like to my inexpert eye).

LOL I see what you are talking about. But when I read your post, I was thinking more like the finger hole that revile uses on many of their powerdords to make it easier to plug them in and remove them from the wall -it’s actually not a bad idea

No openings in the semi-clear plug casing.

What I understand by hospital grade is that the component is robust and will be more secure . I don’t think it’s something relevant with audio quality.


Just exaggerated buzz words like military grade components. :roll_eyes:

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The OP and the cable in question is from US.
US hospital grade power cables are designed to provide optimal grounding qualities and withstand tight radii bend without incurring damage, plus a list of other test stnds.
They also include plugs with finger/hand grips for safe insert and removal.


I would use it to power the defibrillator.


I actually love that idea - except I have the AV Options allegedly Naim approved strip and it doesn’t have a removable power cord. I guess I could have it swapped out, but not sure it’s worth the time, money, or effort.

Exactly my same thought.

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Wow! No Mil Spec or Hospital Grade? overview of military resistors from Vishay Dale, google

Receptacles | Hospital Products | Wiring DevicesHubbell
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My dad, who was a mechanical engineer and had been an electrician before that, said that Hubbel stuff was “the best” and worth the price. Their corporate building was in Greenville, SC, and I passed it (a pretty cool looking building, BTW) in Interstate Highway 85 the way to my brother’s place in the Atlanta area.