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I’m sure this topic has been covered but I’ll asked after. Is it worthwhile upgrading to an after market power cable on the uniti atom , something that’s in line with the cost of the atom

If you are sure it’s already been covered, why not use the search function?

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Cos it’s easier just to ask again and expect people to respond for the umpteenth time.

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All my Naim equipment has power cords , indeed all my AV equipment has power cords.

My Nait 50 has a full fat Powerline, my CD5si and UnitiQute each have Chord Shawline , and my Pioneer Blu Ray has a Nordost power line,.

All benefit from it , to give you an idea :bulb:, I even have a Ecosse Powerline on my Sky Box, it’s a simple figure of eight and the cost was a fraction of what the Chord was , but not only did it improve the sound it improved the picture

Chord Shawline should work out in the region of the figure you named

I have a friend with an Atom who’s a complete non-believer in things like plugs making a difference. And he likes spending money even less. However, I loaned him an EE8 ethernet switch and a Naim Powerline. Two weeks later he had both. He said they made a huge difference. Even his wife had commented on how much better it sounded.


The Uniti series devices are rather sensitive to power supply and the power cable supplied in the EU is very poor (no Powerline Lite). I used a Vovox excelsus power cord on the Atom. It is relatively inexpensive, hand bulit with Furutech Rhodium connectors and has a cytogenetic threated copper cable. The sound was immediately calmer, blacker and better resolved, not least with more control and pressure in the bass. It was the best update for my Atom ever. With the standard cable it sounds below par. I also compared power cables from other manufacturers in the same price range (Audioquest, Isol), and the Vovox was tonally neutral and the most balanced. Of course, it all depends on the conditions of the local power supply and any sources of interference. But it’s definitely worth a try. I think you’ll be surprised.

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Does it use chromosomes instead of electrons? :wink:

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Very good joke :+1: I meant Cryogenic processing ……

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I believe Blue Jeans makes some of those.

Dear Wilfried,

I bought a Uniti Atom a couple of months ago, here in France, from a major French retailer of household electrical goods and it came with a Powerline Light.

Best wishes,

Brian D.

I was lent a Nordost cable to try with my NaimUniti/Quad/SBLs by a local dealer. I was sceptical but I could hear more detail and percussion had more of that punchy quality, sort of more texture if that makes any sense. I didn’t think it was worth £500 though. I bought a screened cable from MCRU for £80 and I’m happy with that.

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