Power DAC Amplifier

What is a Power DAC Amplifier? The rumour is that the other hifi company is about to release them at the end of January. You will need deep pockets!

Going way back to 2000 the Wadia 790 was a so called power dac keeping everything digital until a final analog stage. It was expensive and i seem to remember they went out of business for a while shortly after. There is a Stereophile
review on the web.
Be interested to see the Linn take on it?

It sounds like a sales / marketing phrase for a power amp product with its input connecting to a DAC in the front end of the power amp, as opposed to the preamp built into the front end of the power amp with a balanced or unbalanced analogue signal input connecting to the power amp.

Depending on the interfaces used a digital input to the power amp would be ideal when the power amp is close by the speakers and some distance away from the sources such as in gigs and venues. It would likely work better than having very long runs of balanced analogue signal cables.

So it could be fully proprietary (best avoid), SPDIF excellent frame timing but only for very short runs, AES3 Balanced - excellent frame timing and good for 1kM, or Ethernet (AoE), would likely use proprietary framing using UDP.

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