Power extension cable for best audio

I am using a standard non branded 4 gang extension cable with 1.25mm^2 wire to connect to the mains socket. The Naim Unit Star connects to one of the sockets, the other 3 taken up by things for the TV.

What type of extension cable could I get to replace this to improve audio?

Why not connect the Star directly to the wall?

I only have one wall socket so would not be able to connect the TV etc

Is it not a double socket? If so you could connect the Star to the wall and the other stuff to the block.

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Having said that there is another socket I could use for the tv etc to a socket further away so yes I could connect straight to the wall socket. This would look a bit untidy though.

No a single socket

The Wireworld Matrix 2 is good.

Changing a single socket to a double is a very quick and easy job for an electrician, maybe even cheaper than buying a mains block. Of course, you could go for the gold standard and have a dedicated mains circuit installed.

You can get a double socket converter that simply replaces the single socket.

I’ve changed all my single sockets to these double ones.

There is no room to fit a double socket (old house, socket in the wooden skirting board between a doorway and a corner).

I just tried to connect the Naim Uniti Star directly to the wall socket but it will not fit. The socket is fitted into thewooden skirting board and the base of the socket is only about 10mm higher than the floor. The plug end head of the Naim Uniti Star lead is larger than the plug head of the extension cable. Life is never simple is it :person_facepalming:

I had a similar issue with a plug socket after some built-in shelves were built. The simple and easiest way to get around this was to rotate the plug socket 180 degrees. The alternative was moving the socket up a few centimetres which would have been messy and disruptive and cost a lot more.

How are your DIY skills broad_bean?
If good I would advise to make your own, a good quality plug that works/fits in your specific wall socket location, lots to choose & note that good quality does not mean expensive.
The same for the extension end sockets, maybe less choice but easily overcome with surface mounted sockets on a wood board.
The cable choice is endless, 2.5mm/2 minimum, prices range from sensible to ridiculous

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Something like this, it’s a Titan Nyx

I have it’s forerunner the Styx . Made in Northern Ireland . I think you have to get the matching power cable

I use it on my TV, Sky Box and Uniti Qute

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Yes I think I will need to rotate the socket 180deg there is no other way really.

If I rotate the socket I could then connect the Naim Uniti Star directly into the wall. Would this be better than an extension block & lead (even a very expensive audiophile one)? If yes then this would be the cheapest option.

Thanks, yes that looks nice. With a power cable it would cost about £350. I would need to rotate the socket in the wall 180deg due to the plug but that is not a problem. Would having this be better than connecting my Uniti Star directly to the socket? The other option is to get a longer cheaper extension for the TV etc and run to a further away socket (ie dedicate the wall socket to the Uniti Star)

The other thing I should add is that the other 3 sockets of the extension are taken up by a) TV b) DVD player c) Satellite receiver. All 3 would be on stand by when I’m listening to music so would not draw much current at all.

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I have now rotated the socket 180deg and connected the Naim Uniti Star directly to it via the Naim power cable that came with it. The socket I have is a single MK Logic Plus socket with switch. I will listen to it now. Is there anything I should listen for that will confirm it’s an improvement?

Should get an unswitched single socket.
Not the really cheap one with white inserts this one around £6-£8.