Power light flashing on Atom

So I shut down the Atom, and now powering up the power/ standby light is flashing 4 times and the unit isn’t responding.

Try doing a hard re-boot. Take out the mains lead. Leave for a little while then plug back in again and see if it starts up OK.

If not, try a factory reset. Press the Play/ Pause and Input buttons on the front panel while powering up the Uniti Atom. Continue to hold for 5 seconds. Release the Play/ Pause and Input buttons. Wait for the Uniti Atom to complete the factory reset and go into Stand-by.

Otherwise contact your dealer.

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I have unplugged a few times and left it for minutes. I was wondering how to re-set. Now I’ll lose all my pre-sets right? I was thinking about just that the other day. There isn’t a Naim cloud that saves pre-sets is there?

You might want to try leaving it for longer, say unplug before going to bed and then try again in the morning.

ugh…I timed 5 minutes this time, and then I’ll try the re-set you suggested. So that’s the Atom’s re-set instead of the pin the Mu-so Qb has eh?

I will add…the screen has been sticking on one piece of music for days, then it’ll change. That’s happened a few times. I am returning it, and since I’m returning it…I figured I’d get the Nova. Lol…so I’ll have is in I believe April 1st.

The screen sticking issue is unfortunately an issue across the whole range of streamers and is due to be fixed in the next firmware update due out shortly. How did resetting the Atom via the buttons as Richard suggested work out?

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There a firmware update which is imminent which should address any screen-freeze issues experienced.

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OK. Up and running. I did lose everything BUT!!! I had purchased “Soundiiz” to transfer all my AppleMusic content, and went there, bam! Everything is back! HOW AWESOME! So if you haven’t bought Soundiiz yet, I recommend it highly. Fast, easy, and even I can figure it out.

And about the screen…shhhh…don’t talk me out of the Nova! I am really in love with the Atom but am excited for the Nova…

Glad you have things working again.

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Yes…that reset did it. And everything restored through Soundiiz which is really cool.

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So. I just downloaded the update and the power light is again flashing. Not responding. So the Atom is unplugged presently. Again…”Soundiiz” will prove to have been a good investment. Recommend!

I don’t know whether you solved this, but I had this with my Nova yesterday when I did the update. After watching the flashing for half an hour, I unplugged the Nova, waited a few seconds, and plugged it in again. It started up, it did the update again without me touching anything and a couple of minutes later all was working again.



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Airedog, you seem to have a number of threads running re. updating your Atom. To avoid confusion I’ve moved some to the new firmware v 3.6.0 thread. I will also close this one.

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