Power line dedicated

Good evening to all Naim enthusiasts. I finally managed, after many years, to create an electrical line dedicated to hifi and PC together. I must say that the difference is abysmal compared to before both in terms of clarity of sound and musical details. I’m really happy that my system, although a little dated, sounds wonderful. You too, I assume, have a dedicated line, don’t you? Greetings

Is this a translation error!?



What could I add to my system that is effective (but not very expensive) to achieve perfect sound clarity?

Take the PC off the ‘electrical line’



I’m already happy with this result but in the audiophile world we can always do more! That’s why I ask

Generally I don’t listen to the system while using the PC at the same time

Is the PC fully powered down when you’re not using it? If not there’s a possibility that it will be polluting the mains of otherwise generating RFI from its power supply.
Easy enough to test by listening, of course.

yes the PC is turned off when I listen to music. But I did the test you propose and I noticed that there is no audible difference when the PC and hi-fi system are turned on at the same time and when only the Naim is turned on.