Power line lite versus old naim provided cords

Has anyone compared power line lite to the power cords that came with a 10 year old 282 as an example - the cords that look they cane with a 1990’s VCR!

Worth the relatively inexpensive upgrade?

I have used with Nova and Core, come as standard. They are supposed to be an uplift in SQ due to the decoupling in the mains plug. Naim normally make a change only if SQ is improved. Borrow one from a dealer and let it justify itself. Unlikely to blow you away for £99 , but small gains at that price are vfm for some.

The only difference is the 13A plug, the cable & IEC socket (plug) is the same.
As Gazza sez the with the Naim designed PL Lite 13A plug the 3 pins are decoupled (loose) in the plug housing; this allows the pins to align & insert without stress into the socket. SQ gains ? its your ears & on your equipment & YMMV

The lite is much thiner and less robust then the olive era power lines.

I found a big difference when used on a Hicap. Similar on the nDAC and XPS.

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