Power Outage Wierdness

Looking to see if anyone has experienced this

My setup is the following:
CD5X CD Player
NAC 112X Preamp
Some random old Panasonic DVD Player
Standard Naim cables. There is an aftermarket RCA to DIN connector from the DVD to Preamp, can’t remember what brand. All of this wast purchased sometime around 2003 or 2004

Recently there was a brief power outage lasting not more than a few minutes. When the power came back on everything powered up, but there was no output from the CD player. I tried the DVD player and audio coming from it though the preamp and everything sounded normal there. But nothing from the CD5X. I played around with it for a couple of days, trying it every so often, but still nothing.

I eventually turned off the CD5x (using the power switch on the back) and left if off for a few days. One evening I decided to try it one more time. I powered it back on, pushed play, and prayed to the HiFi Gods. And hallelujah there was music!

So my system is back! That’s great, but really curious to know what happened.

Has anyone experienced this before? Can anyone explain why it took days of being powered down to reset and start working again?

Assuming you’ve described the scenrio exactly, it’s not that it took days, but rather that having a power re-boot on the CD5X caused it to somehow re-set itself. No idea why though - perhaps the power outage somehow caused it to default to phono socket output and the re-boot corrected it? Anything with chips in can do strange things. Our Sony Blu ray player just decides to ‘lock’ occaisonally and refuses to respond to any controls. Solution - a hard power re-boot. This us usually the first thing to try in these cases.

Yes, it may have forced the unit to switch output from DIN to RCA or vice versa.

I should mention; I did try powering it off and on a few times with no luck. But in those cases it was only powered off for a minute or two. It wasn’t until it was left off for an extended period that it reset itself.

Interesting idea about it maybe switching to the RCA outputs. If it happens again I’ll have to check that.


Had a very similar issue with our 102 preamp the power cut must have happened when we were out. On return home the only indicator that we had a power cut was the Dvd player being in the on and not standby. When checking the music room the CDX display had returned to standard and the 102 had defaulted to phono as it appears to in this situation. But could we get the 102 to switch to CD or any other input… Not a cat in hells chance. Switched the whole system off and started to make mental prep for 102 repairs. Three days later tried our luck by switching on and guess what all input switching now operating and music flowed. Still don’t know why.

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So it sounds like Isobarik and I have temperamental systems. But good to know that this may be not uncommon thing with Naim and to just be patient after a power outage.

I have a very similar issue with my CDX which has been the case for some years

I leave my system powered up all the time, and occasionally we get a power cut, which usually happens either overnight or when I am out, so I don’t get the chance to unplug the system before the power is restored

When this happens, I get no sound when playing a CD. What I have to do is power down, unplugging the system from the mains, for two hours at least . Then after connecting up all is fine again

I rang Naim support about it and they suggested I send it in to them, via my dealer of course, but suggested if I could live with it then that would be better than risking any potential damage to the mech etc in transit.