Power outlet for Uniti Star and TV

I have a power conditioner that i connect my Star, Rega P6, P6 power supply and Rega Phono amp into. I’ll be moving my system under the TV so the 2 socket plugs will have my power conditioner and TV connected to it. Is that too much for one set of sockets?

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You should be fine with the sockets, but I’d suggest plugging the Star directly to a wall socket and then run everything else off the power conditioner.


Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the power conditioner to plug the Naim directly in the socket and bypassing the conditioner altogether? What protection would there be with plugging it into the socket?

I’ve generally found my Nova (and higher level Naim boxes) to sound more dynamic without any power conditioning or filtering. Having said that, the Nova can sound cleaner when I’ve used an Isotek filtering power board with it, but at the cost of dynamics. But it’s easy to do try both options to see which one you prefer.

How would you protect your Naim from sudden power outages or anything that’d be an electrical risk by plugging it in straight to the wall socket? Just worried about that as I thought power conditioners helped that aspect also.

Power blocks sometimes have surge protection which may give limited protection but if you are really worried about that you should probably look for something more effective such as a device on your distribution board.

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