Power supplies - 101

I thought was OK on most things Naim & hierarchies, but then come power supplies!

So, just theoretically……and for Classic system only, as I have a NDX, 202 & 200.

Next logical step would be a NAPSC to power the 202 ( I know someone is going to say just upgrade to a 282!) & Hi Cap to power the 200?

Also in simple terms does a Supercap power pre amps, and XPS power & source units?

Can Supercap & XPS power more than one item, or are the multiple outputs a red herring!

So not necessarily looking at upgrades yet, just trying to understand the power supply basics.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi, yes, NAPSC is logical and many people are saying required to make the 202 work well.

And yes, SuperCap for pres (and SuperLine phono pre) and XPS for sources.

Though the model references on the website could be a bit more up to date :wink:

They can power more than one item, so the variety of connections is necessary and not a red herring. However they canNOT power more than one item AT THE SAME TIME

The 200 will be powering the 202. Adding a NAPSC provides a separate supply to the control and logic circuits in the 202. Adding a Hicap provides power to the 202, 2x24v power rails, rather than the single 24v rail from the 200 which is now not used.

Apart from the Flatcap 2 / XS :slight_smile: (I know neither the op or you mentioned that PS though!)

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NAPSC and Hi-Cap power pre-amps.
NAP 200 powers itself, so no need for a power supply there.

Supercap powers NAC 252 or a SuperLine amongs other (but only one at a time).

XPS and 555PS are used for powering sources.


I went the route of acquiring a preloved HCDR to add to my 202/200, then purchasing a 282. The improvement over 202/200 is very significant.

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