Power supplies

I have a NAC202 coming and would like some advice please. The 202 is to replace a 152xs, I have a flatcap xs powering the Nac 152xs and a Hicap on the CD5. Do I keep the flatcap xs so I can power the two units or keep the Hicap and power the 202 only? One of them has to go to keep the peace😂.
I’m sure someone out there has tried powering the 202 with both power supplies, what would be the best?


The 202 really deserves a Hicap. Alternatively get a 200DR and use that to power the 202. A Hicap is better, but 202/200DR is still a great amp if you want to keep the box count low.

You could also argue that your amp is worthy of a better source. Not that there’s anything wrong with the CD5, but still, it’s Naim’s entry level kit. You could keep down the box count by upgrading it to a CD5XS or CDX2, for example, and losing the Flatcap.


It’s worth considering that the 202 really needs a Napsc. I found it sounded rather unnatural without it and wasn’t entirely convinced it was much better than the 122x I had at one point. The Flatcap really isn’t suited for the 202 but is perfect for the CD5. You really don’t want to lose a power supply from the CDP if you are upping the amplification.

Would the more radical option of a Supernait 3 work? It sounds as though box count is an issue and you could lose quite a few and get better sound too. It even has a good mm phono stage.

202 sounds, for want of a better phrase, wrong without a NAPSC. You will hear next to no difference with a Flatcap but a HC will be an obvious jump.

Thanks for the reply’s.
You are confirming what I thought might be the best way to power everything.
NAPSC is on the shopping list sooner rather than later, then either a power supply for the cd5 or trade the cd up.

Splitter!! :wink:

Seriously though, hope it works out.

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