Power Supplies

Strange things happened last week. We rent our smallholding and we had to have an electrical inspection last week. The electrician came when we were out and on returning home we were pleased to receive a note to say that all was well but work had been carried out on the mains fuse box in terms of earthing that was apparently below par. System was turned off this day thankfully but on turn on the customary hum from the HiCap and 200 was missing and to this day is still absent. SQ has taken a huge leap forward solid sound stage blacker silences more natural vocals and a huge drop in harshness. So once again and having had Naim for over 40 years mains conditions and supply is paramount when seeking the best performance.


It certainly is and it’s always worth getting this aspect right.

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Very interesting. Do you have the ability to ask the electrician for more details?

It may just have been a matter of adding earth straps to the mains water and/or gas, but would be good to know

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