Power Supply Choice

I currently have an all Olive Naim system comprising:
Nac 52
Snaxo 24
4x 135

Would I be best using the Supercap on the 52 OR buy a 52 PS for 52 OR use Supercap on Snaxo OR buy new Supercap DR for Snaxo (if possible).

Basically I need one more PS but just wondering which one to get and what to put with what for best result.

Yes, whichever you go for you do appear to be short of a power supply. Which one to get will doubtless depend on budget. And also budget for a service if necessary. Do you have a Burndy for the SNAXO? If not, budget for that too.

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Personally I’d go for another Supercap and burndy for the Snaxo. Is this all olive? If so an olive SC should be reasonably priced even when accounting for a service. Cracking system that will be. SBLs?

Edit. In the meantime you can power the snaxo with a Hicap.

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Hi yes, SBL’s (of course) :wink: And I have a Hicap spare now which I could use on the Snaxo for the moment until I can find a Supercap. Just need some more racking and some more Nac A5 now. :anguished:

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